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Modulo 0 Tutorials

Modulo 0 Tutorials

October 04, 2022


During my university career in Telecommunications Engineering, I started giving classes about electronics and I found a huge breach on the internet for quality engineering tutorials and videos in Spanish. Often my students wanted to record my classes so they could access the content afterward.

Modulo 0 Tutorials Logo

So I started a Youtube Channel called Modulo 0 Tutoriales that went quite popular by the time (around 12k subscribers). I decided to do a proper page to companion the videos in WordPress (Yeah, I know), that was the technology I was working with in my side job.

Also, I needed an excuse to design properly and practice my UI/UX skills. The first version was kind of a failure. The v2 was the real deal.

Modulo 0 Blog


Because I was the owner also of all the design decisions I used it as an excuse to improve my design skills, I designed the logo, all the iconography and brands styles, palette, and visual guidelines not only for the webpage itself but for all the content I was creating:

  • Youtube Videos

  • Blog Posts

  • Tutorials

  • Social Media


Article on modulo 0 Tutorials

This project really helped me understand WordPress and the use of Advanced Custom Fields to create the required fields used for each type of Post type (tutorials, courses, blog posts, etc ).

I miss this a little bit this project but I decided to let it die due to time constraints since I moved to Europe to dedicate my time to grow as a Frontend Developer until the point I'm now. I had thought about doing more simple video tutorials about web design and code, even electronics, but yeah, creating quality content is really time-consuming.