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TresJS ▲ ■ ●, a declarative way of bringing the magic of ThreeJS using everyday Vue Components and composables. Think of it as React-three-fiber or Lunchbox but without the need for a custom renderer. It just works.

NGX Canaima UI UX

NGX Canaima

NGX Canaima was a UI Component library for Angular acting as a wrapper for Bootstrap

Aku Aku model at Sketchfab

Aku Aku

My first all-by-myself modeling (be kind 😅) is based on the character from Crash Bandicoot.

Modulo 0 Tutorials

Modulo 0 Tutorials

During my university career in Telecommunications Engineering, I started giving classes about electronics and I found a huge breach in internet for quality engineering tutorials and videos in Spanish. Often my students wanted to record my classes so

tiberoa milestones


Tibeora was born from my own necessity of keeping track of my projects and having them organized and planned. Heavily inspired by JIRA

Smidae Project


A DIY electronics stock app to organize your components and manuals, with search, filter, and sorting capabilities and create projects with an autogenerated costs table.