TresJS a new declarative ThreeJS as Vue components

WeAreDevelopers - Vue.js Day 2023

February 01, 2023

Meet TresJS ▲ ■ ●, a declarative way of bringing the magic of ThreeJS using everyday Vue Components and composables

Add 3D to your Nuxt site using ThreeJS

Nuxt Nation

November 17, 2022

We are going to add a new dimension to our Nuxt websites with ThreeJS and WebGL

Create a static generated Portfolio using Nuxt + Storyblok

Front Stage 2022

November 04, 2022

Join me in the journey of creating your own modern, performant statically generated portfolio using Nuxt and Storyblok as a side project to share with the world and maybe, who knows, get a new offer for that dream job ;)

The DX Magic in the vueuniverse

VueJS Roadtrip Barcelona 2022

July 01, 2022

I was honored to get invited by Alex Jover from Storyblok to do the talk with him This one was one of my first.

Añade 3D a tu aplicación Vue

JSDay Canarias

May 05, 2022

Conference I did in JS Day Canarias completely in Spanish about Adding 3D to VueJS